The Place You Decide to Return to the Moment You Arrive

The place didn't disappoint although there were a few things that would have made our stay more familiar and like home- traffic, stress and a sense of urgency. The lack of these 3 left a gaping void that could only be filled by substituting rest, walking, good food/wine and serenity. It was hard....for the first 10 minutes and then it was surprisingly easy to slip into this new way of being. Thank you for creating such a wonderful get-away place.
~Sue and JP~
Warren and have found a place and created an experience that is just the kind of retreat we all dream of escaping to. You've enhanced the incredible natural beauty of this spot with your arts, your hard work, and your openness & hospitality. Thank you for all of it!
~Joe and Vicki, Colorado~
After dozens of dak bungalows, self-catering cottages-call them what you will- in four decades on four continents, we have found the best* of them all.                                      (*view,amenities,quiet and hosts)
~M & E Monroe WA USA~
An inquiry....... "I am very interested in renting your stunningly beautiful cabin. We live in Vancouver and we have two friends visiting us from the UK. We are very keen to show them how magnificent the old growth forest are and amaze them with some of the breath taking mountain views that BC has to offer. Your cabin ticks both of these boxes plus the added advantage of a hot tub :)
I really hope you can accommodate us.  I have been looking on and off for weeks for a suitable cabin and having seen yours everything else seems hugely inferior.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks
PS They booked!
Such a beautiful spot that has been strengthened by the love and craftmanship of Warren and Rochelle. Something to tell everyone (and no-one) about!                                           
~Gilly and Seth- Vancouver~
Sometimes when you least expect it the universe smiles and says, "Here, I have a surprise for you," and you sigh, smile back and say "Thank you, it's just what I was looking for." Coming here is a beautiful reminder that wonder still exists in the world- that there still moments that take your breath away- and stay imprinted on your memory's landscape for always. Thank you ~T~
...The peaceful atmosphere amidst the splendor of BC is fantastic. ~Trudy~ BC
…The setting is absolutely serene and breath-taking; my soul can breathe here.
~Dan~ British Columbia
…The retreat was relaxing, the trails were a delight and the setting is pure staggering beauty…
~Paul & Sarah~ Texas
…What an amazing and beautiful place. We needed this more than silver or gold. We feel rested and energized in our hearts….
~Rick & Marianne~ BC
…Thanks so much for providing this sanctuary. It feels like a completely altered universe…
~F & S~ Sultanate of Omen
…After our 3 days here, we couldn’t imagine having celebrated our honeymoon anywhere else.
~Lauren & Daniel~ Louisiana
…100% relaxed and recharged after an idyllic stay…
~Kay, Jen, Dianne & George~ BC
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