Tantalus View Retreat Chalet

“The place you decide to return to the moment you arrive!”

Coastal B.C. Mountain View Cabin with private hot tub and sauna!

“Just one” solitary Squamish forest cabin sitting alone on a rock bluff facing a panorama of the Tantalus Mountain Range & Glaciers ideally located between Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia.

This “off the grid”, 2-bedroom vacation rental is perfect for a stress-free weekend getaway, romantic holiday, an unforgettable honeymoon or a surreptitious elopement. As a  “quintessentially Canadian” mountain chalet, it is tastefully adorned with hand-crafted “wild-wood” decor reflecting the coastal, rainforest environment surrounding it.  The main floor has a homey feel with fully-equipped kitchen, a full sun dining area, rugs on tile floors, a Swedish gas fireplace and comfortable seating. The 3-piece main floor bathroom features a Douglas fir slab vanity and a wall-mounted maple burl with inlaid mirror. Two private bedrooms located upstairs have wall-to-wall carpeting, rustic cedar furnishings, and snug queen-size beds with cozy blankets and linens.


Unbelievably quiet sleeps

Magnificent off-the-grid accommodation

Hot-tubbing under the stars

View from every window

Creekside sauna with cold plunge tub

Stunning views of the Tantalus Mountain Range & Glaciers

Cozy outside fire, seating area

Luggage tram up and onto the bluff

An awe-inspiring accommodation experience

Exciting nature trails surrounding chalet

Trail Guide Dog - Tally

What draws people to Tantalus View Retreat

Built and meticulously maintained by Warren Brubacher/log artisan, (entirely his creation) the retreat offers his guests a taste of sustainable energy and an independent lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts and conveniences of modern day living.  Central to the most adventure-dense area in British Columbia’s West Coast mountains, guests can find extreme outdoor sports less than ½ hour away; from mountain biking, to back-country hiking to white-water rafting to name just a few, but may choose to remain on the retreat enjoying the refreshing silence, private  hot tub with breath-taking views, magical creek-side sauna and exploring our exclusive trails surrounding the retreat. Tantalus View Retreat Chalet is not just an accommodation; it is an unforgettable experience reminding us to  never take the simple things in life for granted!

Tantalus View Retreat - a Utopia in Nature

Not only will you be in a convenient location one hour from Vancouver and 20 minutes from the resort towns of Squamish and Whistler, you will be immersed in enchanting wilderness quite removed from either of those busy places. Tantalus View Retreat was created as a shelter from the world, a peaceful sanctuary away from the hectic day to day grind. The serene setting of the rental cottage is the focal point of this nature retreat emitting a feeling of utopia. The retreat is completely “off-the-grid” meaning it is run in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on public utilities or services, instead, using a renewable resource and thereby reducing greatly its carbon footprint. To some, “off grid” just means not checking their emails, and there is, in fact, no Wi-Fi available in the chalet, but it is guaranteed guests will leave better connected! With absolute seclusion and breath-taking vistas, guests will find this adult-oriented accommodation the ideal place to decompress and detoxify, refocus and reconnect!

Eco-friendly immersion into nature

Experience what it’s like to be completely independent of the grid!

Are people who live off the grid happier?

Off-grid living helps you get outside of your head and break any negative thought patterns you may have. You’ll be busy learning new skills and accomplishing goals, which in turn boosts happiness and self-esteem.

At Tantalus View Retreat the primary goal is to achieve zero impact on the environment and live sustainably; to live in harmony with nature. Water is plentiful and delicious. A small micro-hydro system on the creek supplies adequate, continuous hydro-power to the cabin and retreat. Ask Warren for a tour!

All in all: “Low impact / High enjoyment!”

For the Love of our Natural World

Some come for the quiet, relaxation (with spring-fed hot tub and sauna with cold-plunging tub)
Some are attracted to the ‘off-gridness’ and leave inspired.
Some like the privacy and often propose in the romantic setting.
Some enjoy the retreat’s nature walks with our guide dog, where no other people can be found.

Most of our guests come for…….’all of the above’

And the location; remote yet so close to it all:  Whistler ski resort, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Gondola, Howe Sound…. where mountains tower out of the ocean, reaching for the sky!