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The Tantalus View Retreat & Chalet is a creation of vision and hard work. So the quote goes : – “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

Warren diligently and continuously cares for every aspect, as is needed for an off grid life. He can be available throughout guests’ stay for assistance, advice or want of local knowledge. He can provide maps and information about activities in the area. After the check-in orientation, the host will be as available or invisible as guests might choose.

Mailing address:

Warren Brubacher

Box 215
Brackendale, British Columbia
V0N 1H0

Telephone Number:

Cell  (604) 848-9070

Location Address:

Tantalus View Retreat
451 Swift Creek Forest Service Road
Squamish, British Columbia


What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in 3pm or later

Check-out 11am or earlier

Where will you leave the key?

The proprietor lives in a log house below the rock bench on which the chalet sits. He will be there to greet guests. Luggage can be moved by "cable-tram" up to the chalet. Once guests and their belongings are settled in, an orientation to "off-the-grid living" is given and the key is provided.

Can I have visitors during my stay?

Guests expecting visitors will need to inform management of their intent prior to check-in and agree to the Visitors Policy.

Is this a yoga retreat?

No. This is a nature retreat in the truest sense of the word- a shelter from the world, clandestine and secluded, a peaceful sanctuary away from the hectic day to day grind. You will not find a lodge and out buildings; there is only one rental cabin for one party of guests. However yoga on the deck is most gratifying…Namaste.

Can I bring my children?

The chalet is located on a rock bluff surrounded by cliffs. The deck is 14 feet off the ground with artistic railings (not child-proof). With safety in mind, children older than 12 are welcome to come to experience nature in a stunningly beautiful setting, however this place is best suited for adults and parents who need a break.

Do I need a 4X4 to drive up the road?

No! The road is maintained year round and it is easily accessible by most vehicles. If you are in a very low car, drive slow over the 2 well marked cross-ditches.

Can I drive the road in winter?

Check with the proprietor for a road report if you are not sure. From October 31 to April 1, the provincial highway laws require snow or ice tires on vehicles proceeding past Squamish. The police will occasionally stop cars for a tire check during winter weather conditions. Do not fear though- there is always a way to get you to the chalet, no matter the weather!

What does living "off-the-grid" involve?

Off the grid means living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on public utilities. It requires a heightened awareness of the use of resources, as well as diligence in maintaining utility systems on a daily basis including a "run of the river" micro-hydro system.


Are there other cabins on the retreat?

No. There is only one rental cabin. It is completely private. The owners lives on the property but not in view of the chalet. This is not a commercial "rack 'em  & stack 'em" accommodation. There is no place like it!

What do you mean by "total / complete / uninterrupted privacy?"

Privacy - the rare commodity unbeknownst to most and rarely available at accommodations today; the state or condition of being totally free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

Do you provide any food?

The chalet is self-catering, in other words guests bring and make their own food. The chalet is equipped for the making of almost any meal guests wish to create. There are also many excellent restaurants only minutes away.

Why do you say you have a low-carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the direct effect our actions and lifestyle have on our environment in terms of CO2 emissions. Here at the retreat we strive to reduce our footprint on an ongoing basis.

You say the chalet is wifi-liberated…what's that?

No internet connection provided; no cable or satellite television; no land-line telephone; no interruptions; no problem! Please note: cell phone reception is full bars!

Can I have an outdoor fire?

There is an outdoor potbelly stove and wood for fires. You can roast hot dogs and marshmallows on it.  The stove can be used year round except during a fire ban.

Can I transfer the booking in whole or in part?

No part of the booking may be transferred to another party. The guests paying the deposit are the guests who stay for the duration of the dates reserved.

How do we turn on the jets for the hot tub?

The hot tub is just that- a hot tub. There are no jets to disturb your silence or interrupt your serenity.